Directions from Portland International Airport, PDX, to Manzanita

  • TAKE I-84 WEST to downtown Portland.
  • PASS BOTH the exit for 39th Avenue and the exit for Lloyd Center.
  • KEEP in the second lane from the right, from the slow lane. I-84 splits north and south.
  • TAKE I-5 north from I-84 toward Seattle.
  • HEAD north toward Seattle.
  • THE RAMP splits again.
  • MERGE onto I-5.
  • EXIT onto Fremont Bridge and cross the Willamette River.
  • KEEP in the second lane from the right, again, from the slow lane.
  • SPLIT south onto
  • 405. EXIT onto Highway 26 toward the Ocean Beaches.
  • FOLLOW 26 all the way to the coast.
  • TAKE Highway 101 south in the direction of Cannon Beach Manzanita is about 15 miles south of Cannon Beach.
  • TURN RIGHT at the blinking yellow light on 101 at the Manzanita turnoff
  • YOU ARE ON Laneda Avenue. OceanEdge Specialty Rentals is at 186 Laneda Avenue on the south side of the street. Have a safe trip.


Directions from Manzanita to the Portland International Airport—PDX

This is a good two-hour drive, minimum.  If you have rush hour traffic, add at least another 30-45 minutes. 

  • TURN north on Highway 101.
  • RIGHT onto Highway 26 going east. 
  • TRAVEL about 60 miles.As you come into Portland past the Sylvan Exit,
  • STAY IN THE RIGHT hand lane going through the tunnel.
  • EXIT right onto the 405 bypass going southerly.
  • DO NOT change lanes.
  • STAY in the same lane.
  • CROSS the Willamette River on the Marquam Bridge.
  • MOVE into the right hand lane as soon as you get on the bridge.
  • EXIT for I-84 before the bridge ends.
  • TAKE I-84.
  • EXIT for the Portland International Airport.

Directions from Seattle to Manzanita

  • TAKE I-5 South
  • RIGHT to Highway 8, Ocean Beaches and Aberdeen at south end of Olympia in curves
  • LEFT at Montesano onto Raymond cutoff, Highway 107
  • LEFT at 101, passing through Raymond and South Bend to Naselle
  • RIGHT at Naselle onto 401 toward Astoria Bridge
  • CROSS the Columbia on the Astoria-Megler bridge
  • RIGHT in Astoria, connecting to Highway 101
  • 40 MILES south through Seaside, passing Cannon Beach
  • RIGHT at blinking yellow light at Manzanita turn into Manzanita onto Laneda Avenue to 330 Laneda OceanEdge Specialty Rentals, Inc. on your left

Directions from Manzanita to Seattle

  • TAKE Highway 101 north to Astoria fo4 40 miles
  • CROSS the Columbia River on the Astoria-Megler Bridge
  • RIGHT onto 401 to Naselle
  • LEFT to South Bend and Raymond
  • RIGHT onto Highway 107 to Montesano
  • RIGHT onto Highway 8 to Olympia
  • NORTH onto I-5 at Olympia to Seattle, SEA-TAC

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