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Bringing your dog?

We hope you understand our concerns for your pleasant stay here with your dog. Manzanita has recently seen a very large increase in the numbers of dogs visiting in our town and on our beaches. Some residents have taken their complaints to City Hall. We are asking you to be an especially good neighbor during your visit. Our homeowners are glad to share their homes with dog owners when they are reassured you and OceanEdge will be careful during a visit with a dog.  All dogs staying in OceanEdge vacation rental properties will be pre-registered with the OceanEdge office at the time of booking the reservation.

  • There will be just one dog per vacation home unless the dog-owner has made special arrangements.
  • No cats or any other pets (including other dogs) will be in the house or on the property.
  • Guests will be asked to leave and will forfeit their payments if unregistered dogs are on the property.
  • Guests will pooper-scoop after the dog—at the home, in town, and on the beach. Guests will use plastic sacks, knot them, and put them in the trash.
  • Guests will abide by leash laws in the area.
  • Guests will wipe the dog’s feet or coat if the dog comes in wet, sandy, or dirty. Guests will use towels or rags brought from their home. If you forget, please ask the office for a supply of rags instead of using towels meant for people.
  • Guests will bring clean sheets to cover furniture the dog may lean on or get on to snuggle or be petted by the dog owner and family.
  • The dog will be left in the house alone only if confined to a kennel provided by the dog owner. The dog will never be confined in a utility room or bathroom—at any time.  The dog will leave each time with the owners unless confined to a kennel.
  • The dog will not be left tied in a carport or confined in a fenced yard. We are particularly concerned about the treatment of the dog and any barking that might bother neighbors.
  • The dog will have been treated with a flea treatment within 30 days prior to the visit. There are sand fleas at the beach and we don’t want you to carry any home with you any more than we want fleas in the beach house.
  • The dog will be at least 12-months-old, house-trained, and no longer teething.
  • The dog-owner will pay a nightly dog fee and be responsible for 100% dog damage--as well as being subject to a $500 fine.
  • The renter is subject to a $500 for any unregistered dog(s) on the property.

We know you love your dog.  Most of us at OceanEdge have been or are dog owners.  Most people traveling with their dogs are careful and considerate visitors.  We have been surprised by the few who push the limits of being responsible dog owners and instigate a need to spell out expectations—and consequences.      OceanEdge has worked hard in some cases to persuade our homeowners to accept dogs in their homes and we want to keep them dog-friendly for you.  Thanks for all you do to help us keep it that way.    

We expect you to have a great time at the beach with your dog this time and next time and next time and next time . . .


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